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A completely new rich and creamy liquid flavouring. Specifically designed to suit  recipes based on milk protein, such as Supermilk, and Milk & Honey Nut Mix. The formulation includes some powerful milk related lactones and ketones , with over 20 x N.I. aroma compounds. We think this is the most accurate cream flavour to be brought to the bait market for many years. Very effective for carp and barbel in paste and boilies. This is a strong flavour: The recommended dose rate for boilies: 1.5ml – 2ml per kilo (or to 6 large eggs). Recommended ‘Hookbait Dose’, up to 0.50ml to one large egg. Recommended dose for paste, 0.3ml – 0.4ml per egg.  Shelf Life: 2 years from purchase date. Packed in  glass bottle:

Contents 30ml.

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