Welcome to John Baker Specialist Baits

John Baker has been creating specialist carp bait since 1978.  Our advanced base mixes and bespoke flavours can be used in total confidence for carp and barbel. We like to encourage customers to personalise their own recipes and we are always on hand with help and advice for all aspects of bait design and tactics. We firmly believe that really good bait is one of the last remaining edges in the field of specialist angling.

We hope you enjoy our website which includes plenty of tips and advice plus some informative stuff on our Video Channel.

Flavours & Additives

John Baker Bait flavours and additives have an undoubted track record of excellence. Used individually, or when blended together, their unique complexity and strength will enhance and improve all types of bait. Our flavours are specifically designed for use in angling bait and they can be relied upon to stimulate a positive feeding response.

Base Mixes

Our deep understanding of fish diets and an obsessive attention to detail has led to this unique range of specialist base mixes. Whether the target species is carp, barbel or chub, all our bait is custom made. To ensure the best results, we always use ultra-fresh and highly nutritious ingredients. We must stress that only small amounts of our bait is required in order to ensure it will be quickly accepted.

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