Cream of Creams

New! Out Now…Cream of Creams Flavour

I am very pleased to announce the launch of the new  ‘Cream of Creams’ flavour. This is something truly special and is specifically designed to our own exacting standards. Adds a unique smell and taste profile to a wide range of bait recipes, especially those based on milk protein ingredients, such as Supermilk, and Milk…

Liquid Shrimp Extract

Shrimp Extract – Back in Stock

I am pleased to announce that we have a fresh batch of ‘Shrimp Extract’ in stock now. This is a very versatile and effective bait additive. Suitable for use in boilies, paste, ground baits and dips/glugs. A 100% pure liquid protein hydrolysate absolutely packed with natural attraction and free aminos. To view more details please…


Barbel Search 4 Flavour is back!

I am very pleased to announce that a new an updated version of Barbel Search 4 Flavour is back! This has been a project prompted by constant requests from many barbel anglers who have greatly missed this versatile and pungent meaty/spicy flavour. Based on revised up to date and compliant aroma technology, I can confirm…


Recent Trip to Northern France

Just got back from a short trip to Northern France. Met up with two good French friends where we fished an established French-owned 15 acre lake. I’m still a bit sleep deprived as we enjoyed some hectic action, mostly at night between 3am and 6am. We had several 40lb + mirrors between us, bagging 35…

52lb mirror

New! Fruit Boost Flavour

I am pleased to announce an important change to the formulation and name of a flavour that was previously known as Fruit Bomb. The new flavour is called ‘Fruit Boost’ which is a special blend of three soft/red-fruit flavours. I have re-formulated this flavour to make it stronger and different. ‘Fruit Boost’ is a positive…

Flavour Blends


A note from John Once upon a time barbel anglers were content to use traditional baits and of course they still work today. But times change, and in over 40 years of bait development I have worked with many accomplished barbel anglers who have come to understand the benefits of using special baits and the…