Muskspice Offer

I now have limited stocks of the savoury flavour ‘Muskspice’. I have therefore decided to offer it out on a first come first served basis at £55 for 500ml or £95 for 1 litre. This is great opportunity to get a stock of this very powerful attractor. Please view/visit the Flavour Section here: Muskspice  

52lb mirror

New! Fruit Boost Flavour

I am pleased to announce an important change to the formulation and name of a flavour that was previously known as Fruit Bomb. The new flavour is called ‘Fruit Boost’ which is a special blend of three soft/red-fruit flavours. I have re-formulated this flavour to make it stronger and different. ‘Fruit Boost’ is a positive…

Flavour Blends


A note from John Once upon a time barbel anglers were content to use traditional baits and of course they still work today. But times change, and in over 40 years of bait development I have worked with many accomplished barbel anglers who have come to understand the benefits of using special baits and the…

trial bait flavours

Good News!

The Pick N Mix Mini Trial Size Flavours are now back in stock. Very popular last year. Brough back by customer demand! Ideal for testing or making hook baits and small batches of bait. Offers endless ways to blend and mix your own unique recipe… Perfect for use with our 400gm bags of special Hook…


New Products Out Now

Fruit Bomb    A familiar blend of three different fruit flavours including strawberry, raspberry and plum, with a very distinctive smell and taste reminiscent of the chewy sweets we enjoyed in our childhood!  For many years, we made a similar flavour blend to this which was mostly exported to Europe. This version is a much stronger…