trial bait flavours

Good News!

The Pick N Mix Mini Trial Size Flavours are now back in stock. Very popular last year. Brough back by customer demand! Ideal for testing or making hook baits and small batches of bait. Offers endless ways to blend and mix your own unique recipe… Perfect for use with our 400gm bags of special Hook…

Fruit Bomb

New Products Out Now

Fruit Bomb    A familiar blend of three different fruit flavours including strawberry, raspberry and plum, with a very distinctive smell and taste reminiscent of the chewy sweets we enjoyed in our childhood!  For many years, we made a similar flavour blend to this which was mostly exported to Europe. This version is a much stronger…

Cajun Spice Oil

Hot Masala Oil and Cajun spice Oil out now!

Some good news! The two long awaited essential oil blends are now available in our web shop. They are new and unusual blends of several essential oils and oleoresins encapsulated in one liquid. The idea behind these new products comes from the great success of our Chicken Tikka Flavour, which incorporates multiple layers of flavour…