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I was initially reluctant to bring this flavour to market, but I do so now in the clear knowledge that it is a truly exceptional bait flavour for ultra-shy carp and barbel. TM1 has the power to induce bites in all conditions and seasons at low inclusion levels.  It contains a unique blend of milk lactones, butterscotch, toffee cream, vanillin, American maple, with extracts of fenugreek. This level of advanced complexity uses several of the very best bait flavouring agents, all blended to a tried tested recipe – known only to ‘JB’.

TM1 is particularly effective in Supermilk & Milk & Honey base mixes.

Dose rate: For Boilies: 2ml per 6 x large eggs. NB*Reduce single egg dose rates when making hook baits. (Eg: 0.30ml per large egg!). This flavour is very strong!

Contents: e100ml

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