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The taste of any bait is an important factor and ‘Taste F2’ capitalizes on this vital benefit. The savoury ‘snack-food’ type profile is derived from a unique bait design combination developed and tested over the past 20 years. A blend of three mouth-watering pro biotic yeast extracts, milk protein and cheese powder, hydrolysed fish extract and beef liver combine to create this great tasting recipe. Fish just like eating it! All ingredients in this bait are naturally derived and will provide a spread of complimentary digestible nutrients.

This is a one-stop bait for carp, barbel and chub and suitable for use all year round.

Recommended for use with low level doses of the following additives:   Roast Chicken,

Ala Salar, Milky1, Muskspice, TM1, ASM, Chicken Tikka and Liquid Cheese Extract.

New!  Special Hookbait Mixes Pack – Size 400gms – £10.99

Made from the same base mix ingredients that are contained in each normal recipe. Then carefully adjusted by sieving and grading, which results in a fine textured powder. The right proportion of egg albumen and WPC is also included in this recipe to make boilies hard, long-lasting, and resistant to the attentions of nuisance fish. Ideal for making extra hard hook baits, pop ups and wafters, incorporating cork balls or cork dust. This recipe does not contain silicone or inedible microspheres. As with all our base mixes we only use high quality and organic food-grade ingredients. 

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No, Add a 400g hookbait mix for £10.99