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Designed through a proven and long-established concept of advanced tactical bait. Namely, that milk proteins offer many of the key nutrients fish require. With around 70% protein content, it faithfully delivers a true HNV diet and we believe this is close to the pinnacle of bait design. Anglers who use Supermilk endorse its performance in all conditions.  The key ingredients include, acid precipitated casein, soluble whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, refined high lactose milk powder, micro cereals, egg albumin, and our own pro biotic and vitamin mineral blend. It is at its best made up in small batches and used as fresh as possible. Perfect for customising hook baits with unique flavour combinations. Especially effective when using cork balls for pop up’s or wafters. Boilies to be used as free offerings will only require short boiling times, and this help retain their important nutritional content. The highest level of attraction can be gained by making up a soft paste and this can be used directly on the hook or for moulding ‘paste-wraps’ around boilies.

Highly recommended with any of the following low-level flavour combinations:

TM1, Plum, Milky1, Dairy Cream, Cream Caramel, Toppex, Caramel Banana, Frost & Flood

New!  Special Hookbait Mixes Pack – Size 400gms – £12.99

Made from the same base mix ingredients that are contained in each normal recipe. Then carefully adjusted by sieving and grading, which results in a fine textured powder. The right proportion of egg albumen and WPC is also included in this recipe to make boilies hard, long-lasting, and resistant to the attentions of nuisance fish. Ideal for making extra hard hook baits, pop ups and wafters, incorporating cork balls or cork dust. This recipe does not contain silicone or inedible microspheres. As with all our base mixes we only use high quality and organic food-grade ingredients. 

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