Pick n Mix (3 Pack)


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Please select any combination of 3 flavours per pack.

We are pleased to offer our trial bait flavours as a unique option of ‘buying-and-trying’ small amounts of our super-strong flavours. These can be used for making ‘Custom Hookbait Recipes’ either on their own or blended together in one special recipe/label. Ideal for making, high attract hook baits, pop up’s and wafters.

Supplied in 8ml glass phials, there is enough flavour in each single bottle to make between 4-5 kilos of finished boilies or paste. For full descriptions of each flavour please view flavour section.  Customers who have not used our products before, can now smell, taste, and evaluate the quality and sheer strength of these in this trial bait flavours, before investing in the larger, 50-100ml size options.

Please also view our dedicated ‘Hookbait Base Mixes now available in handy 400gm size bags. These are located on the Base Mixes page of this web shop.


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