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A highly concentrated liquid peach flavour designed for serious bait enthusiasts. Imparts a deeply complex and lingering aroma. This is a unique additive, specifically made for use in bait with the assistance of a world renown flavourist. Contains 35 aroma chemicals and is formulated in such a way to faithfully match the freshly picked ripe fruit. The exact recipe is exclusive to John Baker and remains a closely guarded secret. Carp, barbel and chub respond positively to the fruity compounds we have identified in this flavour because they often come across the same aromas and tastes naturally.  Peach flavour is equal in quality and performance to our trusted Plum and sets new standards in bait flavour development.

Dose: Use up to 1ml per 6 large eggs, ( Eg: makes appx 1 x kilo of finished bait). Highly recommended when used in conjunction with Ala Salar in Bio Shellfish base mix. Ideal for use at very low level in Milk & Honey and Supermilk base mixes. Due to its strength, Peach Flavour Concentrate must be measured accurately. Flavours which may be used with Peach to make up suitable  ‘recipe-blends’, are: Dairy Cream, Milky1, Butt-Ringer, and Cream Caramel.

Packed in 50ml & 100ml bottles – please select your option. Shelf life 2-3 years if kept cool and dark.

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