Particle Punch



‘Particle Punch’ is back while stocks last!

Particle Punch is the go-to particle bait, Spod mix and ground bait additive. Proven and reliable for over 30 years, it is an exceptional supplement for adding to the water in which all types of particle bait, such as tiger nuts, hemp and multiple seed mixtures are soaked boiled and prepared.

This thick dark liquid is now boosted with the incredible TM1 Flavour, it also includes pure maple extract, creamy lactone-based sweetening compounds and natural sugars. We must stress that this is a highly versatile additive, and it is totally heat stable. This makes it ideal for cooking particles.

Highly recommended for use in carp, barbel, tench and bream baits. Dose rate: 10 – 30ml per kilo.

Contents: 300ml

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