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A rich, savoury meat-type flavour. Muskspice has that familiar smell of dried cat food and was actually designed for that purpose. (The original trade-name was Rabbit flavour). The very unusual profile imparts a lingering cooked-meat smell which is a proven and deadly attractor for carp and barbel. Being oil based, it will blend with a few other flavours in our range such as, Chicken, Chicken Tikka and Ala Salar.

Recommended for use in Taste F2, Frost & Flood and Bio Shellfish base-mixes.

This flavour is at its best when used at low dosage levels.

Dose Rate:

Muskspice A VERY STRONG AND UNUSUAL OIL BASED FLAVOUR: Use 1-2ml per 6 eggs mix.

Highly effective when mixed and blended 50/50 with Ala Salar, Roast Chicken, Chicken Tikka, The Sizz.

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100ml, 500ml, 1 Litre

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