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This distinctive tasting base mix is the result of proven design traditions. We know that reliability and consistency play a major part in anglers confidence levels. The ingredients include, acid casein, caseinate, whey protein, high-fat milk powder, skimmed milk, refined peanut meals and nut protein, our own micro yeast cultures, cereals, and a blend of honey-enriched bird foods with pre-milled seeds. This recipe is further improved with a boosted vitamin and mineral profile. It will provide many of the essential nutrients fish require throughout the whole year and is effective for both carp and barbel.

Recommended for use with low levels of the following flavours:

Milky1, TM1, Toppex, Cream Caramel, Frost & Flood, Maple Cream, Caramel Banana, Maple. 

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Made from the same base mix ingredients that are contained in each normal recipe. Then carefully adjusted by sieving and grading, which results in a fine textured powder. The right proportion of egg albumen and WPC is also included in this recipe to make boilies hard, long-lasting, and resistant to the attentions of nuisance fish. Ideal for making extra hard hook baits, pop ups and wafters, incorporating cork balls or cork dust. This recipe does not contain silicone or inedible microspheres. As with all our base mixes we only use high quality and organic food-grade ingredients. 

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