12mm Cork Balls x 50 Per Pack



12mm cork balls.

Ideal for making perfect pop ups and wafters. Natural and environmentally friendly, cork balls are a proven method for presenting  balanced hookbaits and pop ups. Paste should be moulded carefully around the cork balls by hand and then rolled and boiled in the normal way. It is recommended that hookbaits are ‘air-dried’ for 8-12 hours before use or frozen for use later. Although fresh bait is best, we suggest pre-prepared hookbaits can also be frozen in mini batches of 6 -10 baits sufficient for an average session. Go to our ‘Videos’ pages on this web site or visit YouTube to view methods and tactics for preparing hookbaits. Cork balls should be used in conjunction with John Baker dedicated Hookbait Mixes, available in 400gms bags.

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