Bunspice Special Essential Oil Blend


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Our highly complex Bunspice flavour incorporates no less than 7 x essential oils. This is a unique combination. The classic double cinnamon oil and clove blend is enhanced with cardamon and nutmeg, which adds greater depth to the spicy profile.  Two high quality citrus oils improve the power and zest of the flavour which is ideal for silty venues and high attract hookbait presentations. This is powerful bait additive which should be used with great care at a dose rate of not more than 0.10ml per egg, (a tenth of 1ml). A 1ml syringe is provided in the package and this can also be used to apply a ‘one-drop-per-egg dose’.  Bunspice Special is also suitable for using in conjunction with our creamy and fruity flavours. Its unique profile is so complex it should ideally be used on its own. Highly effective for carp and barbel in all seasons. Recommended base mixes: Milk & Honey, & Supermilk.

Contents: 30ml.  Price per pack (including a 1ml Syringe)  £15.99

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