Bombay Spice Additive Pack



The simplest ideas are often the best! This potent blend of nine Asian spices and extracts is a versatile way to enhance any base mix recipe. Spices are highly attractive to fish, but they are often used at too higher level. DIY bait makers can now make the original Bombay Spice Mix at home by adding exactly 25gms of this powder to Bio Shellfish Base mix. One 250gm sachet goes a long way and will make up to 10 kilos of ready to use base mix. Also suitable for use in Taste F2 Base mix, and most other savoury/fishy profile recipes. Very, very effective for carp and barbel. Ideal with Chicken Tikka, Frost & Flood, The SIZZ and Ala Salar flavours. Contents: 250gms

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Weight.275 kg


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