Our four exclusive liquid Bait Sauces are designed to give bait an all-in-one mouth-watering taste and smell. They are very effective when localised high-attraction is required but without over-feeding fish. There are two sweet and creamy versions, Plum and Cream Caramel Flavours. These products are made exclusively from human food grade ingredients which are sourced from the confectionery industry. The two savoury sauces, Ala Salar and Cheese Flavour incorporate animal and aquatic feed grade additives of the highest quality and are formulated using: yeasts, seafood extracts and savoury enhancers.

All Bait Sauces are carefully designed and PVA friendly. Available in clear, 250ml, food grade bottles, similar to those used for ketchups and salad dressings. They can be used with total confidence for dipping, glugging and rehydrating boilies, for ground bait, coating pellets, stick mix, method mix, or as a coating on maggots. Use with confidence for carp, barbel and chub.